MD Hunting Adventures - Taking You Along For The Hunt
MD Hunting Adventures - Taking You Along For The Hunt
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Where does the time go?

It seems another hunting season has arrived and is disappearing faster than we can imagine. Once again The Coyote Doctors have been busy both in the field and with all the other aspects that video production requires. However, it is finally time for another announcement that we have been looking forward to for a long time. The Coyote Doctors have a NEW VIDEO RELEASE!! The fourth video we have produced is called Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt. As you can see, the name sticks with our "Doctor" theme, but that is only part of the story.

The sport of predator calling continues to grow and each year more hunters are using the sport to lengthen their hunting seasons and spend more time in the field. As we traveled the Midwest and talked to so many hunters eager to learn more about what makes us successful stand after stand, it became obvious that The Coyote Doctors needed to increase our ability to reach out to more hunters and share our techniques and tactics.

The seminars we presented over the years have always been popular and the feedback from standing room only crowds we spoke in front of in Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, etc. seemed to indicate that what we were communicating was being used successfully by those able to attend. It is so rewarding to get emails from seminar attendees relating how they are using our suggestions to tweak their hunting tactics and how it has increased their success so quickly. With our busy schedules and the unpredictable winter weather that often accompanies the popular seminar seasons, it was frustrating to not be able to get to more locations and interact and share tips and stories with an ever expanding predator hunting group.

Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt is our way of sharing our tactics, strategies and thoughts with a much larger group of hunters than we could with a few seminars each year. We are constantly told, not only by the hunters who attend, but also by other professional hunters we often share the stage with, that our seminars are the most complete and detailed of any predator hunting seminars presented. We strive to present something useful for every hunter, regardless of whether it is the youngster that is just setting out to get his/her first coyote, or the experienced veteran that simply wants to increase his bag of tricks for that one coyote that has been giving him the slip all winter.

Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt is a video of our actual seminar, complete with demonstrations, maps, audience questions and everything we consider each and every time we choose a stand. However, you get the added bonus of video hunts mixed in to demonstrate some of the things that you are seeing. These hunts bring the same excitement and video quality as our previous videos so that you feel like you are a part of the action, just like always!!

We demonstrate our actual equipment and are honored to still be working with an amazing group of long time sponsors. We continue to have amazing results with the Weatherby rifles topped by Leupold scopes. This video explains why we are so happy with these and all of the products we use. Quality equipment can mean the difference between success and disappointment. For instance, our Hornady bullets continue to perform superbly, right out of the box.

We will also be adding some new products to the website which we have been using this year. We have been finding more and more uses for the ever versatile Gear Keeper products. We are using these on our Leupold range finders, on our calls and have used them on our radios as well. Anything that you might leave on stand should have one of these attached to it so that you aren't replacing your favorite equipment. Foxpro game calls has also branched out to offer more hand calls and you will find new products with amazing, easy to produce sounds on the products page as well. Also, we continue to receive and answer hundreds of questions on our Q and A page, so make sure you check that out as well. We have added lots of new pictures, not only of our coyote hunts but also from recent elk and deer hunting trips as well.

We thank everyone for stopping by and sharing their stories of coyote hunting with us as we make various stops around the central United States. It is amazing how many hunters stop us at the gas station when they see our trailer to relate how they enjoy our videos or simply share with us their latest success stories. We enjoy all of those interactions and urge you to stop and say hi if you see us in our travels. We thank everyone for all of their support and for supporting all four of our videos. We will continue to work hard to provide exciting, quality coyote hunting videos which are enjoyable, educational and make you feel like you are beside us in the most scenic country anywhere, as we "take you along on the hunt".

The Coyote Doctors


I really enjoy your videos and from the little things I've learned by watching I went from 10 coyotes a year to around 20 with my best year being 24 pelts. My part of Western Montana doesn't have the greatest population of coyotes and would someday like to hunt in the Dakotas. Keep the videos coming.
- The "coyote intern" Mike