MD Hunting Adventures - Taking You Along For The Hunt
MD Hunting Adventures - Taking You Along For The Hunt
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Mendel MillerI was huddled behind a cedar tree, peeking thru the branches as two coyotes raced towards my hiding spot. The sound of a recorded rabbit in distress wailed beside me and my dad and uncle shifted to follow the incoming yotes. I was too young to carry a gun, but not so young that I didn't become hooked on calling coyotes upon my first exposure. It had started as a "I wonder if it will work" call and quickly became obvious that it was an incredibly exciting way to pursue coyotes.

Since that November day many, many years ago, I've been addicted to calling coyotes. Whether it be my home state of Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, or my current home of South Dakota, I spent countless hours of countless weeks fueling my passion for fooling the most cunning predator in North America.

I was born and raised in O'Neill Nebraska, so coyotes were always abundant and close by when the early urges struck. Veterinary School took me to Manhattan Kansas, where classmates and I escaped the pressures of exams with a few treasured hours of calling the surrounding hills.

After earning my DVM degree, my vacation days were saved to further quench my appetite for the thrill of getting coyotes as close as possible. I've been lucky, (and honored) to share this passion with the other two Coyote Doctors, Paul Drayton and my brother Merris. We've awakened early, stayed out late and nearly frost bit various extremeties trying to entice the most challenging animal around to come within shooting range.

Although we have done well some days, and not so well others, the challenge and thrill of this obsession has made every day memorable and enjoyable. We have now decided to share our tips and secrets so that others may enjoy this thrilling sport. We can't promise that you'll harvest 50-70 coyotes a year as we have, but we can say with some certainty that you will be more productive using the knowledge base we have put together with 60 years combined calling experience.